Incredible George

A show of the company OTUS
On an idea of Aurélia and Gilles Moynot

Aurélia, illustrator puppeteer and musician and Gilles, environmental naturalist and musician mix their respective passions for 15 years through diverse projects (books, guides naturalists, exhibitions and puppets) in Madagascar and in Reunion Island. At the end of 2015, they create the company ” OTUS ” to carry their projects of puppet shows.
” Incredible Georges ” is a show on the theme of the existing but strange animals played and accompanied in music by Gilles (low clarinet), Aurélia (clarinet) and their two boys: Bruno (trombone) and Simon (tuba).

Georges: inventor, airman, explorer and crazy narrator invites us in the cave of his cabinet of curiosities. He presents us strange creatures through anecdotes, riddles, surprises in interaction with the public.
The flying frog, the lyrebird and its horn-scie-caméra, the seal and its buoy, the elephant and its snorkel, the sea dragon disguised as seaweeds, nudibranches-Pokémons and so many other wonderful oddities.
Georges keeps of every animal the idea which will be of use to him to build under our eyes all through the play the silly machine with which he will leave the stage.

With this play, Gilles and Aurélia dream to open a door for youngs and older on the nature because beyond the inexhaustible artistic source of inspiration which it represents, many are those who observe it, decipher it and imitate it to bring biomimetic solutions in domains such as medicine, economy, agriculture, transport, construction, sport, etc.